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'Gajillionaires' Run Zombie Romney For President (VIDEO)

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WARNING: This video is NSFW due to language and a glimpse of Donald Trump's animated penis.

In this new cartoon from Comedy Central, Mitt Romney is portrayed as a puppet controlled by a group of shadowy, wealthy businessmen. Ha, ha, it's just like real life, because cronyism! Except in this case, Romney is quite literally a puppet, "Weekend at Bernie's" style. Mitt accidentally expires during a Republican fundraiser, but that won't stop donors from running him anyway. To them, a dead Republican is better than a live Democrat.

"Gajillionaires," which stars the vocal talents of Rob Corddry, Thomas Lennon, Paul Scheer, Jordan Peele and Riki Lindhome, is currently a one-off short for Comedy Central, but it's expected to hit the airwaves next year at some point. At least 47 percent of Americans should hope it gets picked up.

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