A new report from the Worldwatch Institute reveals that although worldwide meat production and consumption are still on the rise, drought and disease in 2011 significantly curbed the growth of both.

Global meat production topped out at 297 million tons in 2011, an increase of .8 percent from 2010 numbers. But that's not as strong a rise as in 2010, when meat production rose 2.6 percent. Estimates for 2012 say meat production will reach 302 million tons by the end of the year, an increase of 1.7 percent from 2011.

meat world production

The institute attributes the slowdown to the droughts that rocked the Midwest this year, as well as animal disease outbreaks and the rising cost of livestock feed.

Meat consumption is also down slightly worldwide, from from 93.7 pounds (42.5 kilograms) per person in 2010 to 93.3 pounds (42.3 kilograms). However, per capita meat consumption is up 15 percent overall since 1995. Pork was the most popular meat in 2011 and accounted for 37 percent of both meat production and consumption.

The report has plenty other facts and figures, and is worth a careful read.

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  • THE MOST: 1. Luxembourg (300 Pounds/Year)

  • 2. United States (276 Pounds/Year)

  • 3. Australia (267 Pounds/Year)

  • 4. New Zealand (255 Pounds/Year)

  • 5. Spain (242 Pounds/Year)

  • THE LEAST: 173. Rwanda (12 Pounds/Year)

  • 174. Burundi (11 Pounds/Year)

  • 175. Democratic Republic of the Congo (10 Pounds/Year)

  • 176. Bangladesh (9 Pounds/Year)

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  • 177. India (7 Pounds/Year)