Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas Still Going Strong (PHOTO)

10/24/2012 09:30 am ET

What breakup rumors? Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas looked very much the picture of a happily married couple as they left Madeos Restaurant in Los Angeles Tuesday night, despite reports in April that Banderas had allegedly been caught cheating with a young woman at a Cancun nightclub.

While Griffith, 55, and Banderas, 52, appear to have patched things up, Griffith recently admitted that she faces cyberbullying in her day-to-day life. "Most people are telling me I look horrible," Griffith told Us Weekly about Twitter. "The tweets I get are really nasty."

Griffith and Banderas married in May 1996; the couple have one daughter together, Stella Banderas.

melanie griffith antonio banderas

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