10/24/2012 08:58 am ET | Updated Oct 24, 2012

Parks And Recreation's Tom Haverford Food Slang


If you're a fan of "Parks And Recreation," you're familiar with the character Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari. The series spurns out a lot of interesting character portrayals, like Ron Swanson who eats an alarming amount of bacon, but Tom is easily the most unique.

What really cemented our love for Tom Haverford was the episode when he shared his food slang words. (Forks are food rakes!) We know we're not the only ones who felt this way because four individuals (Elizabeth Lauren, Alyssa DeHayes, Brian Moore and Sami Promisloff) took the time to create Tom Haverfoods as a tribute.

Their website, which we will warn you is insanely addictive, comes up with new Tom Haverford's food slangs. And they're spot on. If you have a good Tom Haverford creation in mind, check out the site and submit your idea. If you don't, check out the site anyway, it'll make your day a little better. We picked out 11 of our favorite Haverfoodisms in the slideshow below.

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Tom Haverford Food Slang