Raise your hand if you still haven't figured out what to be for Halloween. As for us -- gee, it's hard to type with one hand -- we'd rather wear Uggs with sweatpants than be caught in public in lingerie and cat ears.

Unfortunately, for procrastinators like us, the costume stores can be a wasteland of remnants of sexy pirate costumes, and we can't exactly make like Heidi Klum and waltz into our bespoke costume fitting a week before Halloween.

Though '90s nostalgia is pretty much at a fever pitch, we think these costumes will be a creative way to have a retro Halloween. (Gah, yes, the '90s are already "retro.") So, back away from those "sexy cop" handcuffs and take a time machine back to the world of Nickelodeon, non-ironic pop music and lots of hairspray.

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  • Alex Mack

    Dressing up like the star of Nickelodeon's most beloved '90s teen sitcom is no sweat. 1. White tee 2. Overalls 3. Backwards baseball cap 3. Flannel shirt tied at the waist Extra credit: Cover yourself in some sort of gold goo to mimic Alex's "glowing puddle" alter ego.

  • '90s Bill & Hillary Clinton

    Grab your boyfriend or a male pal and make like the old school Clintons. For you: 1. Vintage power pantsuit from a thrift store (don't worry, you'll find plenty!) 2. Tons of hair spray to tease your locks 3. HUGE sunglasses 4. Chunky statement jewelry like big gold earrings For him: 1. T-shirt 2. Short running shorts (<a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/26/bill-clinton-al-gore-shorts-90s_n_1033691.html">obvi</a>) 3. Baseball cap 4. McDonalds' containers Bonus: bring along a similarly-dressed "Al Gore."

  • Clarissa Darling from "Clarissa Explains It All"

    The original hipster, Clarissa was famous for her eclectic wardrobe that mixed grunge staples with girly accessories. 1. Chambray shirt 2. Tacky vest 3. Printed bike shorts 4. Doc Martens 5. Headband

  • A Spice Girl

    To be Geri Halliwell you'll obviously need a Union Jack dress, but our fave idea might be vintage Posh (pre-Becks, pre-high fashion cred). 1. Black minidress with spaghetti straps 2. Eyeliner 3. Platform boots 4. Unwavering scowl

  • Gak

    What better was to memorialize Nickelodeon's slimiest toy than to dress up as its likeness? 1. <a href="http://store.americanapparel.net/search/?q=bodysuit&l=1">Spandex bodysuit </a>from American Apparel 2. Printed out Gak logo 3. If you're ambitious: Manic Panic your hair the same shade

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Make like your favorite childhood computer game (and TV show) sleuth in some bright primary colors. 1. Red trench coat 2. Magnifying glass 3. Red fedora 4. Sunglasses 5. 'Tude

  • TLC

    Round up two girlfriends and go as the "Waterfalls" and "Creep" trio -- just pick your favorite video. 1. Crop tops 2. Flared pants 3. Creative updos 4. Face paint (maybe a condom over one eye?) 5. Intolerance for scrubs

  • Grunge-era Courtney Love

    Halloween might be your only chance to rock this look in public -- if we were you, we'd take it. 1. Slip dress 2. Tattered fishnets 3. Doc Martens 4. Smeared dark lipstick

  • Troll Doll

    Dressing as your favorite hair-raising toy will be a little more time-consuming, but for some ideas, check out how these <a href="http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/coolest-troll-dolls-group-costume-19.html">awesome ladies did it.</a>

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