We already know that animals are pros when it comes to stealing our food, but sometimes their tastes are more baffling than others.

For example, who knew that wolves liked watermelon? Or that cats like pizza? Or that a dog will eat a carrot (or a pineapple) if you convince him hard enough that it's a bone? Of course, we don't recommend that you actually start feeding gummy worms and goldfish crackers to your pets, but when they do get a hold of things they're not supposed to have it makes for some pretty funny photo-ops.

Check out 27 photos of animals munching on food normally reserved for humans below, and remember: cats can't actually haz cheezburgers.

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  • Wolf Eating Watermelon

    They don't get Jolly Ranchers out in the wild, so this is the next best thing.

  • Chipmunk Eating Corn

    Chipmunk cheeks are the BEST!

  • Squirrel Eating Carrot

    They're not just for rabbits anymore.

  • Cat Eating Cheeseburger

    The Internet was right!

  • Dog Eating Noodles

    Just your typical college dog eating ramen for dinner every night.

  • Dog Eating A Pomegranate

    Even dogs can't figure out how to eat pomegranates.

  • Squirrel Eating Ice Cream

    The picture is cropped to hide the crying child in the background.

  • Cat Eating Sausage

    She's about to have her mind blown.

  • Dog Eating Pringles

    It's hard to get through a can without doing this at least once.

  • Albino Squirrel Eating Burger

    "Albino Squirrel goes to White Castle" could be an awesome movie.

  • Cat Eating Watermelon

    In a bow tie no less.

  • Squirrel Eating Pizza

    How'd he get that?

  • Cat Eating Corn

    "I wanted popcorn, but this will do."

  • Dog Eating Carrot

    "This is the weirdest bone I have ever tasted."

  • Cat Eating Corn On The Cob

    Somebody's not too pleased about it.

  • Squirrel Eating Gummy Worm

    He must be pretty confused.

  • Dog Eating Corn On The Cob

    Who doesn't like butter?

  • Squirrel Eating Cinnamon Roll

    No one can resist Cinnabon.

  • Cat Eating Pizza

    Apparently, this is a <a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/17-cats-eating-pizza">trend</a>.

  • Monkey Eating Coconot

    The foot really helps to balance the coconut.

  • Dog Eating Pineapple

    Or, the weirdest game of fetch ever.

  • Praire Dog Eating Carrot

    And savoring every bite.

  • Chipmunk Eating A Goldfish

    Calm down, it's not a real goldfish.

  • Cat Eating Pepper

    We hope it's not a spicy one.

  • Monkey Eating Cookie

    Bananas can get boring.

  • Cat Eating Popsicle

    It's not Fancy Feast, but it'll do.

  • Squirrel Eating Peach

    Imagining eating a peach that's a third of the size of your body.

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