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Hillary Clinton's Fashion: 65 Looks For 65 Years! (PHOTOS)

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There's no denying that 2012 was Hillary Clinton's Year Of Cool. There was the epic photo of the secretary of state fiddling with her Blackberry while wearing sunglasses and the subsequent "Texts from Hillary" meme. Then Hillary upped the ante by participating in the meme itself (she knows what "LOLZ" means!)... then went out partying in Colombia, dancing and taking swigs from a bottle of beer.

And she did it all in style. Hillary, who celebrates her 65th on Friday, has always had a distinct fashion sense, one that both incorporates trends (hello, giant glasses) and stays true to who she is (what up, pantsuits). Even when naysayers diss her scrunchies or critics question her no-makeup look, Hillz sticks to what works: tailored pants, structured jackets, statement jewelry, hair accessories and stunna shades.

In honor of her 65th birthday and her epic year, here are 65 photos of the Hillary Clinton style we know and love.

Hillary Clinton's Style Evolution
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