10/25/2012 03:18 pm ET

'Strong Men Cry' By Tiffany Bolling: This Song May Change Your Vote (VIDEO)

Ask yourself this one question: Which candidate is strong enough to cry for our country? And by cry we mean keep small business tall and government small.

Tiffany Bolling is a self-described American Patriot who has written the perfect anthem for our time. Channeling her inner Blondie, she makes the case for men who cry, small government, small business, and keeping God and the 10 commandments firmly ensconced in the laws of the land. Of course, she never straight-out says you should vote for Mitt Romney... you have to come to that conclusion on your own, gentle listener.

But if you were on the fence, this catchy tune will surely throw you over it.

Also, she raps HARD.


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