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Clever Concealer Tricks To Banish Dark Underye Circles (VIDEO)

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As unfair as it is, dark circles are something we all deal with from time to time -- whether they're a result of stress, exhaustion or just purely genetics. Even though we know we should be drinking lots of water and getting more sleep, a tube of concealer will solve the problem on those mornings when you need more than oversized sunglasses. Though the real secret to practically erasing undereye circles is all in the application.

As we see in the step-by-step video above, it's important to apply foundation first in order to create seamless undereye coverage. When looking for undereye concealers, a liquid blend is preferred over a more solid formula, which is better for covering blemishes. Also, look for a brand with SPF, which will protect the thin skin around the eye area. Once you start applying, the key is to slowly build coverage, which will create an even consistency -- and prevent the dreaded reverse-raccoon effect. Add a touch of concealer to the inner eye area, which will help brighten eyes. Finally, fill in brows to pull attention away from undereyes and dust on a fine layer of translucent powder to set the look.

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