10/28/2012 07:31 pm ET | Updated Oct 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Map Shows Storm's Path Towards U.S. Northeast

As Hurricane Sandy moves north through the Atlantic, cities in the U.S. Northeast are bracing for "a potential 1 in 100 year storm." Government forecasters are predicting a "worst case scenario" storm surge for the New York City metro area.

East Coast utility companies are also prepping for a storm that could leave millions without power. A computer model -- which uses wind and population data along with information from previous hurricanes -- developed by a professor at Johns Hopkins University, predicts that eight to 10 million customers will lose power in the coming week.

For those living in coastal areas near where Sandy is expected to make landfall on Monday, find these FEMA tips for hurricane safety and emergency planning tips for pet owners. Check out the graphic below of Sandy's projected path and rain forecast, as of 4:00PM EST Monday.


Hurricane Sandy