10/28/2012 10:07 am ET

Paul McCartney Says Yoko Ono Wasn't Responsible For Breaking Up The Beatles

Yoko Ono has long been targeted as a scapegoat to lay blame for the breakup of The Beatles, but Paul McCartney is saying she wasn't the cause.

"She certainly didn't break the group up, the group was breaking up," McCartney says in an interview with David Frost which is airing on Frost's TV show next month.

McCartney admits in the interview that it was hard to have Ono constantly around, but also credits her with much of Lennons success such as writing "Imagine," saying, "I don't think he would have done that without Yoko."

While Frost first interviewed McCartney in 1964, this most recent interview was one of the longest the Beatles great has ever given.

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Photos courtesy of Robert Whitaker on behalf of LIFE Books

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