Daniel Day-Lewis Didn't See Ghost Of Father While Performing 'Hamlet' In 1989

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Daniel Day Lewis Didn't See Father's Ghost While Performing in
Daniel Day Lewis Didn't See Father's Ghost While Performing in "Hamlet" in 1989

The career of actor Daniel Day-Lewis is littered with myth and legend and barely-possible facts. Day-Lewis’ religious devotion to the Method — the full-immersion preparation for an acting role — has created a whole series of fantastical stories. When he played a painter with cerebral palsy in My Left Foot, he really never left his wheelchair. When he played a colonial adventurer in The Last of the Mohicans, he really lived in the wilderness and carved his own canoe. When he played a man working on a bad movie in Nine, he was really working on a bad movie. But one tale from early in Day-Lewis’ career crosses the line into pure mysticism. Back in 1989, Day-Lewis was performing the lead in Hamlet in London. He left in the middle of a performance — supposedly because he had actually seen the ghost of his dead father onstage.

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