Feeling Bad? Try Out The 'Emergency Compliment' Generator (PHOTOS)

10/30/2012 12:40 pm ET

When you're feeling down, and we mean down, the compliments of your insensitive significant other ("You don't look that sick?") or your good-intentioned mother ("The bags under my eyes are wayyy bigger than yours.") just don't cut it. They just don't get you.

But you know who does get you? A little online art store called Society 6. The virtual gallery has created (arguably) the most necessary internet tool we have ever seen. It's called the Emergency Compliment Generator and it's ready to lay down the felicitations you really want to here. Man or woman, within five seconds of discovering this gem, you'll be singing, "Why thank you, computer, my hygiene is impeccable. I can pull of orange corduroy."

Scroll down for a peek at the Emergency Compliment Generator's venerations below. Warning: They will shower you with warm, golden blankets of happiness.

Emergency Compliment

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