10/29/2012 12:34 pm ET

HuffPost DC Top 5 For Monday, October 29: Sandy Keeps Us Inside Edition


1. "Mockingbird Lane" On Hulu
"The Munsters" have been re-imagined by the man that brought the visually stunning "Pushing Daisies" to network television. An excellent cast, highlighted by British actor/thespian/occasional "Monty Python" member Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, well-done special effects and an ambitious story, it makes sense that this potential series became a one-off pilot. Aired last Friday, it's available to watch for free on Hulu. Safe for the whole family. Kind of.

2. "American Experience: The Hurricane of '38" On PBS.ORG
Hopefully today doesn't get this bad.

3. "Vampyr" On Hulu
A man watches his own funeral from inside a casket. This 1932 silent film also has some pretty forward thinking effects, a creepy story and a soundtrack that makes it very easy to fall asleep on the couch. Good for the film/horror buff couple stuck at home.

4. Red Riding Hood At Millennium Stage - CANCELLED
Why not read the book instead? The library may be closed, but the site is still open and ready for your download.

5. Sic Alps At Comet Ping Pong - CANCELLED
Were you planning on eating pizza and seeing a rock and roll show? You can still eat pizza, all three Matchbox locations are open today, and listen to the new Sic Alps record self-titled LP. If you're brave enough to order a pizza to go and walk it home listening to music on your iPod in this weather, it'll sound like you're at a club.


Tuesday, October 30
Candy Corn Baking at Home
In case you're still stuck at home and need a treat for Halloween, here are some recipes.

Wednesday, October 31
Electric Six
at Black Cat
This six-piece Detroit rock bands likes to party in gay bars, use electricity in dangerous amounts and hasn't cancelled. Yet.

Thursday, November 1
Day of the Dead Festival
at Oyamel
Celebrate Dia de los Muertos on the actual holiday. A special menu honoring Mayan leader K’inich Janaab’ Pakal, or Pakal the Great, who ruled the Mayan kingdom of Palenque from 615 BCE to 683 BCE, from Chef Omar Rodriguez will be available. Now through November 2

Friday, November 2
at The Fillmore
Sure, they may be an animated band, but they also happen to be the most successful band ever (in the cartoon) and a relatively large theater act (in real life). All That Remains, Machine Head and The Black Dahlia Murder round out the show. Real or not, this is a solid lineup. Also a good soundtrack for this weather.

Saturday, November 3
Million Muppet March
at Lincoln Park
If Halloween gets rained on, this very furry march of people, puppets and Muppets will be much more important. Kids need to dress up!

Mockingbird Lane