The news has taken over the TV landscape today due to Hurricane Sandy and the storm will be affecting the primetime lineup as well.

CBS has pulled its new installments of "How I Met Your Mother," "Partners," "2 Broke Girls" and "Mike & Molly." Repeats of those comedies will air instead, while "Hawaii Five-0" has been pulled completely due to a CBS News Special on Sandy, the network tweeted.

CBS Tweet
Scheduling Change for tonight: comedy repeats 8-10pmET/PT; CBS News Special re: Hurricane Sandy 10-11pmET/PT

The CW will also air repeats of "90210" and "Gossip Girl" instead of original episodes, The Futon Critic reported. "It's All Fun and Games" and "Dirty Rotten Scandals," respectively will air in light of the ongoing Sandy coverage.

Instead, you can catch up on old shows HuffPost TV suggests below.

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  • "Arrested Development"

    What better time to catch up on the misadventures of the Bluths? Season 4 is headed to Netflix this Spring!

  • "Breaking Bad"

    With just 8 more episodes to go, it might be time to find out how Walter White became the meth king of New Mexico.

  • "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations"

    It's mindless and full of gorgeous travel shots ... but it might make you wish all your favorite exotic take-out spots were delivering.

  • "Lost"

    Because even in bad weather, it could always be worse!

  • "Gossip Girl"

    Because this season is The CW's last, and there are probably more than a few twists and turns you missed along the way. Xoxo!

  • "Revenge"

    Emily Thorne's kicking a** in Season 2, so why not watch (or brush up on) Season 1 on Netflix?

  • "Once Upon A Time"

    Baffled by the concept of Storybrooke? Worry no more! Hunker down with Season 1 on Netflix and catch the rest of Season 2 live.

  • "Mad Men"

    As a reminder of the simpler times when New York wasn't underwater.

  • "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

    Because it definitely isn't sunny here ... or there.

  • "30 Rock"

    Why? It's the last season and Liz Lemon is going out on top! "30 Rock" stepped up its game for Season 7, so go back and finish Season 6 on Netflix (yeah, we know you probably stopped watching then) and check out the Season 7 episodes on your DVR or OnDemand Nothing like laughing through a hurricane.

  • "The X-Files"

    Maybe the storm is a cover for an alien invasion.

  • "The Walking Dead"

    For tips on how to survive your apocalyptic future. Kidding! That won't happen, we <s>hope</s> promise.

  • "Supernatural"

    Seven seasons should definitely keep you occupied for the duration of the storm. Plus, cute guys don't hurt as a form of distraction.

  • "My So-Called Life"

    Because it's nice to look back on the early days of Claire Danes ... before electroshock therapy and terrorism.

  • "Louie"

    Nothing will distract you more than gut-busting, subversive and intelligent humor.

  • "Frascape"

    Because getting lost in an alien universe is a good distraction from any storm.

  • "Felicity"

    Since Scott Speedman isn't exactly getting a round of applause on "Last Resort," go back to where it all began with Ben vs. Noel on the late '90s WB series.

  • "Deadliest Catch"

    Just be happy you're not out on a boat in weather like this, surrounded by foul-mouthed fishermen.

  • "Better Off Ted"

    Face it, you didn't watch it when it was on -- nobody did. Find out now that it's hilarious, surreal and a great showcase for its ridiculously talented cast. We don't have the new season of "Arrested Development" to devour yet, so let this similarly loopy/witty show amuse you when you most need amusing.

  • "Sherlock"

    Love CBS' "Elementary?" See how the Brits tackle modern-day Holmes.

  • "Green Wing"

    This utterly insane British comedy, which set in a hospital, is so absurd that you'll be too busy laughing to think about the weather. It's also where "Episodes'" Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig first started working together.

  • "Friday Night Lights"

    Take your storm fears, submerge them in the Taylors' marriage and cry it out.