Of all the great ways you can cook a potato -- mashed, fried, hashbrowned -- there's no better fate for our beloved spud than a tater tot. Tater tots might have been the result of Ore-Ida's abundant potato scrap problem, but that doesn't diminish their position in our hearts (and stomachs).

Tater tots have a cultish fan base and it's not hard to see why -- they're special kind of potato. There's something magical that happens when you shape grated potatoes into a perfectly small cylindrical shape and fry them to a deep golden brown color. And they're damn good too.

You can never go wrong with a basic plate of tater tots -- no frills, just golden potato. But when you do decide to do more with tots, you get magical creations like totchos and more. Check out the 21 best things you should be doing with tater tots, besides eating them of course.

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