Bodie Gannaway's fight for life is the stuff of storybooks. At 6 months old, the Lubbock, Tex., boy had surgery to treat a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. The aftermath was nearly catastrophic. The surgery deprived him of oxygen to his brain, and he had four cardiac arrests during his recovery, Everything Lubbock reported. He sustained severe motor impairment and the amputation of his foot.

That wasn't all. Bodie went into cardiac arrest for the fifth time the day before he was to be released to rehab, according to his father, Jay, on, and he logged 150 days in the hospital before going home in May. He had a total of 16 surgeries, the last of which was in June.

But what's a storybook without a happy ending? Now almost 17 months old, Bodie is back home and on the road to recovery, his father writes in an emotional pictorial on photo-sharing site Imugr.


The response to a Reddit posting of the photographs was so overwhelming that Gannaway took to the comment thread as EasyBodie to answer questions.

"Yes, he can make a recovery with therapy," dad told a concerned reader. "He may have some learning disabilities, but there's no way to tell to what extent. We've been told he'll be able to walk, talk and go to school, but there are going to be some delays.

In the last photo on Imgur, Bodie offered the most heartwarming kind of visual evidence of his comeback. "A smile!" reads the caption. "It had been ten long months since his last smile. The future is bright again."

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