Zombies aren't known for their PR acumen, but someone has been using their braaaaaain when it comes to marketing the undead.

It seems there's a zombie everywhere you look. Some are in public at the many zombie walks that take place all over the world, while others are on TV shows like "The Walking Dead."

Then there are zombie drinks, zombie pumpkins and even zombie bees.

Some have created zombie exercises and others use zombie public service announcements to help people face serious non-zombie-related issues.

Halloween is arguably the biggest zombie day of the year with its only real competition coming on New Year's Day when there are a lot of people with hangovers walking around like zombies.

So, in honor of the day, HuffPost Weird News has compiled a video gallery of the best zombie-themed videos in recent weeks.


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  • 10 Tips to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

    It's just a matter of time before the undead rise up and take over the planet, here are 10 tips to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

  • Know What To Do In A Zombie Apocalypse? The CDC Does

    Do you know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? No, well don't worry... the CDC has a plan. No seriously... they do.

  • Zombies Terrify on Streets of Bogota and Singapore

    Blood and gore on the streets of Bogota. The city's Zombie Walk stopped traffic, closed roads and terrified residents - all for a good cause, says organizer John Carlos Ubate. SOUNDBITE: John Carlos

  • UK Zombies Attempt World Record

    England was dying to break the world record for the largest zombie gathering. So corpses from around the country gathered in Sussex, applying a full face of white makeup, dark eyes and some form of

  • 'Zombie Bees' Found in Washington

    A new parasite affecting bees is spreading on the west coast. They’re called ‘Zombie Bees’. When the bees are infected, they lurk around in the dark near lights and die. The epidemic was first discovered by a California professor who set up the website “ZomBee Watch” to track the spread.

  • How to Make a Zombie Gut Punch for Halloween

    Zombies, vodka and blood-orange juice: a real no-brainer cocktail!

  • Zombies Save Lives in Heart Attack PSA

    Zombies are everywhere these days and now they are actually dabbling in healthcare! A new PSA from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada shows a horde of zombies saving a woman from cardiac arrest using CPR... and then going back to their zombie-ways. Gillian Pensavalle has more.

  • GOP Candidate Suggests There Could Be A 'Zombie Apocalypse'

    GOP Candidate Suggests There Could Be A 'Zombie Apocalypse'

  • This Week's Weirdest Stories

    A teen drinks a lethal cocktail and loses her stomach, David Blaine is at it again in New York City and over 1,000 zombies attempt a new world record. First in Britain 18 year old girl Gaby Scanion ended a night out with friends in hospital. Gaby drank a lethal cocktail that was made of liquid nitrogen. The teen complained about breathlessness and gastric pain and was diagnosed with a perforated stomach. For now Gaby remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition, Colin Harris commented

  • How to Deal With a 'Zombie' Teen

    Few parents realize that the common practice of letting teens set their own bedtime can fuel further mutations in the biological processes that knocked them off track. Sue Shellenbarger and Brown University's Dr. Mary Carskadon discuss details on Lunch Break.

  • How to Save on Halloween

    Having a fun Halloween doesn't have to frighten your finances.

  • Undead Fun at Pittsburgh Zombie Fest

    A Jello brain-eating contest, the severed-head shotput, and the Ugly Pageant were all part of the festivities at the annual Pittsburgh Zombie Fest. WSJ's Kris Maher braves the horde via #WorldStream.

  • Zombie Makeup

    Makeup Artist Linda Hay shows us how to create a zombie look with a few makeup tricks.

  • New York's Zombie Pumpkins

    New York's Botanical Garden is getting ready to impress visitors in the lead up to Halloween.

  • "Halloween How-To: Zombie Prom Queen"

    Learn Halloween Makeup tips from expert Nathan Johnson to create a Putrid Prom Queen Zombie costume using an old dress and make up.

  • Zombies Run Game Promotes Running

    Need some extra motivation to exercise? You might run a little faster if you were being chased by zombies. Pediatrician Dr. Sears tries a new interactive game called Zombies, Run! that combines exercise with the fear factor. “This is actually pretty cool because there’s different scenarios, different courses that make you feel you’re in a zombie apocalypse,” Dr. Sears says. “And when there are zombies behind you, you want to book it.”

  • MTV Movie Awards Stars Talk Zombie Apocalypse

    VIBE ask celebrities at the MTV Movie Awards what they thought about this Zombie Apocalypse.

  • Let's Do the Zombie!

    E.R. Physician Dr. Travis teaches you a move that will “raise your abs from the dead.”