Let's face facts: we all need something to take the edge off of this Sandy and "Star Wars" stuff, and what better diversion than a good old-fashioned single-serving website?

As always, be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know if you come across any awesome time-wasters you think we should feature.

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  • Don't Haunt Me Bro

    <a href="http://donthauntmebro.com/">Find out</a> where the haunted houses in YOUR neighborhood are.

  • Emergency Compliment Generator

    For <a href="http://emergencycompliment.com/">those days</a> when your self-esteem could use some assistance.

  • PokePuns

    Puns based off of Pokemon names, <a href="http://pokepuns.tumblr.com">for the geeky child</a> in all of us.

  • Horse_e Posters

    The tweets of the infinitely-wise horse_ebooks, now <a href="http://horseeposters.com/">in poster form</a>!

  • Rap Coloring Book

    Rapper Bun B has teamed up with artist Shea Serrano to make the first-ever printable <a href="http://rapcoloringbook.tumblr.com/">rap coloring book</a>.

  • Dead At Your Age

    Want to feel bad about your accomplishments? <a href="http://dead.atyourage.com/">This site</a> lets you plug in your birthday and then tells you about a famous person from history who had already done a lot of awesome things and then died.

  • Fairy Tales For 20 Somethings

    All the greatest hits, <a href="http://fairytalesfor20somethings.tumblr.com/">re-imagined</a> as stories about modern day 20-somethings.

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