Conan is right. "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is a lot meaner than we remember it. Today's kids probably can't handle this stark look at the cruelty of life.

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  • Homeless Baby

    Cute shopping cart, but really?

  • Kid Lil'Wayne

    Although "Tha Carter III" has a baby on it, it is definitely not a children's album. We have to admit, though: he pretty much nailed it.

  • Baby Pimp

    If you're using Google to search for the perfect "baby pimp" costume, you might want to brace yourself.

  • Bethany Hamilton And Shark

    Teaching your kids to make fun of a girl who had their arm bitten off is probably a bad idea.

  • Stripper Baby

    Now that's just uncalled for.

  • Baby Hitler

    Somehow the sippy cup makes it that much more disturbing.

  • Baby Alien

    The baby's face says it all.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    How could he possibly be in on the joke?

  • Kid Toilet

    Perfect for the child whose parents have never heard the word "bullying."

  • Major Flirt

    As if to say: girls, you can get into the army, but your duties are going to be a little different.

  • Road Kill

    What better way to teach a child about death?

  • Baby Mr. T

    So many things wrong with this costume.

  • "Jersey Shore" Kids

    Probably the most inappropriate costume on this list.

  • Parasitic Twin Costume

    Explaining this one to your kid could be tricky.

  • Kid Condom Costume

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Kid Cigarettes

    Show your child you love them just as much as your addictions.

  • Baby "Elephant"

    What was the designer going for with this trunk?

  • Harem Girl

    Dream big, kids.

  • Kid Gangster

    His parents are really into "Boardwalk Empire."

  • Sexy Kitty

    Seriously? This is the one age where dressing as a kitten can be super cute and appropriate. Why do we have to ruin that?

  • Baby Woopie Cushion

    Just a reminder that you should never, ever sit on a baby.

  • "Sexy" Mermaid

    And we thought Ariel was scantily clad.

  • Hooters Baby


  • Stomach-Popping Baby

    "Junior" gone horribly wrong?

  • Robert E. Lee Kid

    We'll just leave this one right here.