Rare 'Halloween Lobster,' Split Half Orange And Half Black, Occurs 1 In 50 Million

10/31/2012 03:59 pm ET

Finally, something to take our minds off Hurricane Sandy. May we present the Halloween lobster!

halloween lobster

The Associated Press reports that a rare "split" orange and black lobster was recently caught by a Massachusetts fisherman. The one-pound female lobster's coloring occurs once in every 50 million lobsters, according to the New England Aquarium.

halloween lobster

Splits, which are lobsters with colors split down the middle, have been caught in Maine, Rhode Island and Nova Scotia over the last decade. The Boston Globe tells us that scientists believe splits occur during a cellular division when the lobster egg is first fertilized.

The lobster, in quarantine for now, will live out its days in one of the aquarium's tanks and will perhaps be used for live animal presentations.

Kind of cute, right? At least as cute as a lobster can possibly be.

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