Patrick Hurley, Shirtless And With Pants Down, Gets Tackled By Angry Dads At High School Football Game (VIDEO)

10/31/2012 04:13 pm ET | Updated Jun 06, 2013

Crack didn't kill Patrick Hurley, but it certainly got him sacked.

The 26-year-old Sacramento, Calif. man was tackled by a group of angry dads at a high school football game at Colfax High on Friday. He had stormed the field without his shirt -- and without most of his pants -- in an attempt to taunt players, CBS Sacramento reported.

The video, picked up by Live Leak, shows Hurley dumping water out onto the field and waving his hands around. He then gets a tackle from behind that Eli Manning would shudder at.

The man who tackled him first was off-duty Placer County Sheriff's Lt. Troy Minton-Sander, who told CBS that he though Hurley might be on PCP or bath salts. He said he also thought that a belt and pouch Hurley was carrying might have contained a knife.

A sheriff's office report later stated that he was not on drugs, but was drunk. Hurley was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

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