Stop lying. What you love about Halloween isn't that costume or those scary movies. It's the candy, and the kind that Americans most often purchase may surprise you.

That's because it's freakin' candy corn that beats out all the objectively more delicious candies during the Halloween season, according to the TODAY show's diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom. Americans apparently go crazy for that white-tipped, bland and chalky Halloween cliche. And it's not just out of obligation either. Candy corn is the most talked about of Halloween candies, according to new findings from social media analysis company NetBase.

Of course, Halloween favorites are a matter of preference. We at The Huffington Post, for example, prefer Nerds. Because we have class.

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  • Flavored Tootsie Rolls

    We're just going to come out and say it: regular Tootsie Rolls are kind of gross. Now you're throwing <strong>vanilla and orange cream</strong> into the mix? Get away from us with these. No, seriously. Get away from us.

  • Smarties

    No one realizes they hate Smarties until the chalky little beasts are all that's left of your Halloween haul.

  • Good & Plenty

    Even for those of us who like black licorice, a little box of Good & Plenty is never a welcome sight on Halloween. And do these candies ever come not stale? Are they just made that way from the get-go?

  • Candy Corn

    Look. Candy Corn is an icon of Halloween. Which means that we feel a little badly putting it on the worst list. But seriously, giving these out to trick-or-treaters is like saying, "I have no idea what the kids are eating these days."

  • Dots

    Yeah. Gumdrops sound so great in theory. In practice, they are like chewing on sweet nubs of half-hardened rubber cement.

  • Now And Later

    So, these are called Now and Laters because they break your teeth now and get stuck in them until later, right? Along with Good & Plenty, these fall into the <strong>Were You Ever Fresh?</strong> category.

  • Strawberry Hard Candy

    We love these things. In our grandma's house. But we all have to know that handing out easily re-wrapped candy on Halloween is a no-no, right?

  • Worst: Bubble Gum

    Alright. We've established a recurring theme in the worst Halloween candy discussion: Bazooka, Dubble Bubble and those of their ilk were either made in surplus 20 years ago or they've perfected an instantly stale formula. Stale candy is bad candy, everyone!

  • Wax Bottles

    These syrup-filled wax bottles trick us every time. At first blush we think we love them. Then we remember they are all filled with stingingly sweet sugar water.

  • Fun Size Symphony Bars

    Let's face it: this classy candy bar is everyone's least favorite of the fun-sized category. They are left to languish in the cupboard, sometimes all the way until next Halloween.

  • Necco Wafers

    One or two of us may have a special place in our hearts for these weird little discs, but Necco Wafers are nearly universally reviled for their chalky texture and invariable staleness.

  • Mary Janes

    Molasses and peanut butter flavored taffy. Yeah, sounds like every kid's ideal candy. Why not make Brussel sprout flavored candies for next year?