Elizabeth Warren Ad Criticizes Scott Brown For Skipping Out On Last Debate

11/01/2012 02:58 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2013

BOSTON — Democrat Elizabeth Warren is tweaking Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown for refusing a final debate offer.

The fourth debate was planned for Tuesday, but was delayed because of Superstorm Sandy.

Warren agreed to a Thursday debate, but the GOP's Brown declined. He had twice pledged that a final debate would happen, but a Brown aide said it conflicted with a bus tour he planned for the close of the reelection campaign.

In Warren's new radio ad, a narrator faults Brown for backing out of the debate, saying "rather than discuss the issues, he had to grab a bus" and adding "with his record you can't blame him for hitting the road."

Brown also released two new radio ads, including one featuring former Democratic Boston Mayor Ray Flynn praising Brown as independent.

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