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Rick Scott Pushes For No Tuition Rises At Florida Community Colleges

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Gov. Rick Scott is remaining firm in his stance against tuition increases at Florida's community colleges, despite opposition from state legislators.

The Republican governor met with state college trustees in Tampa Thursday to argue keeping tuition at current levels for Florida's 27 public community colleges, reports The Tampa Tribune.

The move would ensure tuition stays as is for two-year associate's degree candidates bound for state universities as part of the state's two-plus-two plan.

"Sustaining the two-plus-two plan I think is critical to Florida's economic growth and our future," Scott education adviser Frank Fuller told The Associated Press.

Scott pushed for keeping community college and university tuition at 2012 rates earlier this year. His request was rebuffed by the GOP-led state legislature, who inserted the hike in a manner which would've forced Scott to veto the entire budget had he remained stalwart in opposition.

Though pushing for steady attendance costs at lower-division colleges, Scott's education task force is recommending tuition hikes for "non-essential" majors at major public universities -- a controversial idea that sparked a conversation at HuffPost Live:

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