Arby's continues to pummel Subway in its ongoing ad campaign aimed at debunking the latter's “Eat Fresh” tagline claim.

A few days ago, Arby's released an extended version of an ad featuring a retired New York Police Department detective investigating where and how Subway slices its meat -- in an Iowa factory. He also interviews former Subway employees, or "sandwich artists," and customers on the street to hit home that its meat isn't sliced in the back of the store as commonly believed.

It's all a set-up for Arby's to hawk its own in-house slicing, a company practice for decades.

The shorter version of the ad managed to stir up controversy with Iowans when it was released earlier this month, prompting the chain to apologize and release an edited version. In a statement, Arby's chief marketing officer Russ Klein stressed that the slight to Iowans was unintentional:

Please know that in no way was the advertising ever designed to disparage the state of Iowa, but rather the advertising was meant to dramatize the distance between Subway’s slicing facilities and any given Subway restaurant.

Take a look at the extended ad below to see what all the hubbub is about.

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