11/02/2012 12:17 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2012

San Francisco Giants Parade By The Numbers (PHOTOS)

The floats have rolled, the cheers have subsided and the last strips of biodegradable ticker tape have been swept. Another World Series clinched for San Francisco, another cold winter of nothing but the hot stove league and another victory parade for the ages.

But now that the confetti has settled, we have one question: just what all went into that parade?

"It's the biggest single-shot order I've ever seen," said Brian Baker of Confetti Unlimited to the San Francisco Chronicle about the parade order--a whopping 1.5 tons, which runs about $30,000, per the Chronicle.

And that's just the confetti.

Check out some of the numbers from the World Series parade in our slideshow below:

San Francisco Giants Parade by the Numbers