It's been nearly a full work week since Superstorm Sandy did her damage, and many of us are still getting our bearings.

Here in New York, the HuffPost office has been closed for the week after Sandy knocked the power out. And while there's just something we love about the camaraderie of in-office work, we're taking a tip from our friends at BuzzFeed and looking at the bright side: There's a lot to celebrate about working from home (WFH), especially when we're lucky enough to have power, food and running water.

In fact, WFH could even be good for your health depending on how you manage your time. In 2010 Reuters reported that flexible work schedules could be tied to both physical and mental health benefits, including lower blood pressure and heart rate and less daytime fatigue.

Employees who have more control over their work conditions (and a generally more flexible work schedule) may be better off. While the findings do not conclude that flexible work schedules lead to better health, they do support that "control at work is good for health."

When working from home, you gain a lot of control over your schedule and your work environment. So, whether you're home or at a home away from home in the aftermath of Sandy, revel in the flexibility that your "home office" (read: hammock, lounge chair, couch) affords.

So, what'd we miss? Let us know in the comments section below!

We know we're lucky if working from home is our biggest inconvenience post-Sandy. There are ways you can provide aid and relief to the victims of the Superstorm.

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  • Waking Up Later

    The minute you open your eyes, you're already in the office. No commute, shower or suit necessary! Since you don't need as much time to make yourself presentable, you're sleeping in!

  • Working In Your Pajamas

    Ahhh ... luxurious. There was resounding cheer for this one among our <a href="">Twitter followers</a>. We're all in agreement: Working. In. PJ's. Rules.

  • A More Flexible Workout Schedule

    Working from home frees up your schedule, so you can fit in your workout at a more ideal time. Maybe you normally wake up before the sun rises to run, or skip happy hour to hit the gym. Now you can finally take that mid-day yoga class you've always desired, or even go for a post-lunch jog.

  • An Unkempt 'Do

    Again, no need to make yourself presentable. Working from home gives you free range to look however you please -- no judgments.

  • A Naked Face

    You've got full rights to go bare when you'e WFH. Let your skin breathe!

  • Connecting More With Your Family

    You get to see your kids off to school or greet them afterward. And maybe family dinners are extended, too!

  • Endless Office Chair Alternatives

    Love seat? Rocking chair? <a href="">Air Hammock</a>? The sky's the limit when WFH. "I like to work splayed on my stomach on the floor, or strangely curled in a fetal position. It's less acceptable for me to do so in the office," one of our readers admitted on <a href="">Facebook</a>.

  • Cooking Your Own Meals

    At last! A break from the rotation between those three chain restaurants outside your office. HuffPost Healthy Living's senior editor is pumped about making her own food all week.

  • Concocting Elaborate Lunches

    And since you're cooking your meals, you can be as creative as you please. Working from home means access to the wonders of your kitchen. Lunch isn't just for nuking any more!

  • Saving Some Dough

    Twitter follower <a href="">@papierpop</a> works from home on the reg: She finds herself working harder and saving money. She could be reaping the <a href="">health benefits from her homemade flexible schedule</a>.

  • Lounging With (Furry) Friends

    Working from home means you don't have to endure those puppy-dog eyes that fill your heart with guilt when you leave your pup for eight hours. Fido's happy you're home!

  • Fewer Distractions

    Maybe you're not partaking in office gossip, or it could just be that alone time gets you in the zone. <a href="">@PatriciaGlynn</a> finds herself more efficient when she's working in her home office.

  • Blasting Tunes

    Your house, your rules. No one's around to play headphones police, and you've got the liberty to rock out.

  • A Lunch-Time Interpretive Dance

    What better way to accompany the music? While this isn't really appropriate by the water cooler, you can certainly let loose a little in the comfort of your own home.

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