It's a new week and time for another round of reviews from the critics. And with the number of high-profile releases this week, no film or album was safe from their colorful commentary.

In music, Neil Young and Crazy Horse made their return to music with "Psychedelic Pill." The album has been praised for it's gritty tone and dreamy lyrics. Still, it seems that this album is made strictly for fans, leaving many critics feeling alienated by its indulgent sound. Meek Mill's debut album "Dreams and Nightmares" gained him a few thumbs up, though, most reviewers felt extremely underwhelmed by the rappers first musical offering. Toby Keith didn't excite too many reviewers with the bland sound of "Hope on the Rocks," while Cee Lo Green's "Cee Lo's Magic Moment" lacked the spark of his non-holiday themed records.

The video game-themed "Wreck-it Ralph" warmed the hearts of some reviewers, but many felt they had seen the storyline too many times before. The film was praised for it's strong visuals, though -- an expected critique when it comes to Disney's animated films. "Flight" received an equally positive response even through a plot that critics described as being overly dramatic at times. Rounding out this week's films are "A Late Quartet" and hip hop star RZA's martial arts flick "The Man With The Iron Fists" -- a dream for the rapper who directed the film.

We have gathered all of the week's harshest reviews in the slideshow below. Where does your favorite movie or album rate? As always let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  • "Flight"

    "Flight" needed an extra boost according to <a href="">"Despite Washington's monumental performance, Flight doesn't get enough mileage out of its addiction drama."</a>

  • RZA's 'Man With the Iron Fists' Fell Short

    The New York Post would have preferred the movie not even start. <a href="">"At 96 minutes it is exactly 93 1/2 minutes too long."</a>

  • "Dreams and Nightmares" - Meek Mill

    Meek Mill gave a strong effort with his debut but that wasn't enough to please <a href="">"The title-track to Meek Mill's album has all the makings of a classic opening.... And yet, what transpires on the rest of Dreams & Nightmares is an inconsistency of lyrical ingenuity and thematic execution that will haunt the Philadelphian rapper on his debut."</a>

  • "Psychedelic Pill" - Neil Young and Crazy Horse

    The excess overwhelmed the overall effect of the double album, says the Boston Globe. <a href="">"Too often bloat tempers the brilliance." </a>

  • "Hope on the Rocks" - Toby Keith

    The New York Times feel Keith's newest album is a pretty bland offering. <a href="">"Whatever left turn Mr. Keith took [with "Red Solo Cup"] has been ruthlessly course-corrected on this album, which is dutiful and workmanlike and totally bereft of passion, so rote it could possibly have been written and recorded over a long weekend."</a>

  • "Cee Lo's Magic Moment" - Cee Lo Green

    "Magic Moment" is high on drama and low on substance according to Pitchfork. <a href="">"There is a lot of loud, full-bore belting. It's a little showboaty and on occasion his voice threatens to overpower the song itself.... Still, not a note of Magic Moment rings false."</a>

  • "Wreck-It Ralph"

    Kimberly Gadette felt the film was a tad dull. <a href="">"Disney can dress it up, take it out to the arcade and plug it full of quarters ... but at the end of the cord, the film's a simple, 8-bit I-gotta-be-me story, with a dull plot and tepid characters. Game over."</a>

  • "A Late Quartet"

    "A Late Quartet" was plagued by an extremely cloudy storyline. <a href=",1236779/critic-review.html">"A half-glass of a movie, full of superlative performances and sublime music but empty when it comes to a story rife with melodrama and trite plot conventions."</a>

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