11/03/2012 03:00 am ET

Shelley Miller's Sugary Street Art Gives Us A Sweet Tooth (PHOTOS)

Graffiti art is no piece of cake, but in Shelley Miller's case, it is the frosting. The Montreal artist, who we spotted on Beautiful Decay, gives street art a sugar rush, painting ornate frosting murals on urban walls.

Miller turns the streets into her own gigantic birthday cake, applying edible adornments that look more like Victorian tiles than traditional tags. Miller toys with the expectations of street art in both medium and style, showing that even the stuffiest of traditions can survive on the streets. For some time at least... the ephemeral works eventually fade away with the elements. You know what they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too. That's enough sugar puns for now, check out Miller's blog to here more details on her unusual process.

Shelley Miller


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