Anyone out there who says math isn't fun obviously hasn't heard of the pop culture chart yet.

Whether it's a Venn Diagram, a bar graph, or just your friendly neighborhood flowchart -- these graphics help take the things we love and make them funny to read.

Check out 23 of our faves below.

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  • Plaid In "Parks And Recreation"

    Jerry's either the biggest offender or the biggest hero.

  • Television Truths

    Reality TV was originally intended to only be background noise.

  • We Don't "Get" Sports

    But for real, playoffs go on forever.

  • My Milkshake

    Who remembers having no idea what this song was about?

  • Maybe You're Gonna Be The One Who Saves Me

    But it's so easy to play!

  • Movie Subtitles

    The best time to watch a movie is dinner time (alone).

  • Shark Week

    There were a lot of reruns this year, right?

  • The Dark Side

    Wait for it.

  • Gotye Explained

    Sorry, Kimbra.

  • Singing In Public

    We just get so excited.

  • Xbox Use

    This one made us a little sad.

  • Ryan Gosling's Universal Appeal

    Our one suggestion would be to add a third circle for "grandmothers."

  • A Little Bit Of You...

    This is a contest we could definitely win.

  • Terms And Services

    Did we learn nothing from <a href="">"South Park"</a>?

  • Chips And Justice

    We never watched "CHiPS," but we love this chart.

  • Universal Appeal

    What can we say? Allison Brie gets it.

  • Google Uses

    It's very versatile.

  • Cheers Intelligence Graph

    Some people are not going to be happy about this.

  • Barrel Explosion

    But sometimes the explosion gets you a partner in crime.

  • Delicious Pickles

    Dill Pickles also deserves a shout-out.

  • Weezer Blue Album Reimagined

    The three black dots are a nice touch.

  • A Flow Chart For Shawties

    You have to do a lot of things to be a shawty.

  • Easy Pacman Chart

    It's obvious, but still wonderful.

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