11/04/2012 04:29 pm ET

Avery Monsen Puts Himself In 'Varsity Blues' Whipped Cream Bikini Scene (VIDEO)

Those who were lucky enough to have power during Hurricane Sandy mostly found themselves rediscovering how great beer and Netflix are. But Queens-based comedian and writer Avery Monsen diverted his energy to something a little more creative: Re-editing 1999's "Varsity Blues."

Monsen took the famous scene where Ali Larter attempts to seduce James Van Der Beek while wearing nothing but whipped cream over her lady parts, and using green screen technology, injected himself in the scene. Somehow, watching Monsen hang out behind Larter with his own whipped cream bikini makes the scene 100% less sexy, but much, much funnier.

(h/t Cinemablend)


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