Keith Paro, West Springfield Man, Allegedly Used A Python To Beat His Girlfriend

11/04/2012 11:01 am ET | Updated Nov 05, 2012

That'sssssss quite the weapon of choice.

Keith Paro, 34, of West Springfield, Mass. turned himself in on Thursday after being accused of beating his girlfriend with a pet python, according to WGGB.

Police said Paro's girlfriend was in a hot tub when he used a python to whip her. The altercation left the woman with bruises on her knees, back, arms and stomach, according to the cops.

The Boston Herald reports that Paro then tossed 4-foot-snake into the tub. The python did not survive.

Capt. Thomas Wilkinson described the case as "a little unusual," according to the paper. reports that Paro also allegedly threw a set of temporary stairs at the woman, damaged home furnishings and stole several items from her.

Paro faces charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (snake), assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (stairs), malicious destruction of property and cruelty to animals.

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