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Mitt Romney Defends FEMA Stance In Final Plea On 'SNL' (VIDEO)

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Fun fact: Mitt Romney is technically still a presidential candidate.

It may be hard to believe, but it's true. On Tuesday, American citizens will have the ability to vote for Mitt Romney for president, even if the election has taken the backburner to Hurricane Sandy in the last week's media coverage.

Although the election draws near, "SNL" had a conspicuous lack of political comedy on last night's episode, which was hosted by Louis C.K. Jay Pharoah did not portray President Obama, and Jason Sudeikis only played Romney in this Weekend Update sketch.

If Romney loses, could this sketch be the last we see of Jason Sudeikis? The veteran "SNL" player nearly left the show at the end of last season, and It's been speculated that he only stuck around to play Romney. With a Romney loss, Sudeikis' departure from the "SNL" cast could be imminent.

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