11/05/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Did Shep Smith Dye His Hair? (PHOTOS)

Shep Smith seems to be sporting a new 'do as of late.

The Fox News host, known for his delightfully outspoken nature, appeared as though he dyed his hair a different, richer shade of brown.

In days past, Smith paired his blue eyes with a standard brown hairdo. However, in recent days, his hair seems to have moved in the chestnut brown direction with auburn undertones.

Take a look at the screen shots below. Do you think Smith dyed his hair? Tell us in the poll below!

The first screen shot, from his October 15 program, shows Smith in the studio sporting his standard brown hair.
shep smith

Smith's hair looks different in the below shot from November 1.
shep smith


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