11/06/2012 03:01 pm ET

Disney Life Lessons: 'Disney Taught Me That...' Goes Viral On Tumblr (LOOK)

If you grew up watching Disney movies, you know that although the animated childrens' classics may be silly (and, admittedly, outdated and politically incorrect at times), they also share some important life lessons. From Belle to Pocahontas to Aladdin, we can all relate to the struggles of our favorite Disney characters, if we look at their stories close enough.

Because we believe you're never too old for Disney cartoons, here are 13 life lessons from Tumblr blog Daydreams and Disney. The blog's adorable post "Disney Taught Me That..." quickly garnered over 34,000 reblogs. Check out the images in the slideshow below, and head over to Daydreams and Disney for more fun posts.

Tell us: What life lessons have you learned from Disney movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

Disney Taught Me That...
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