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Election Day: Older Voters Share Their Thoughts Via Social Media

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In case you’ve been living under a rock or getting an early start on hibernating, today is Election Day! This year’s race has been tremendously close throughout, especially during the past few weeks.

Similar to 2008’s race, social media has played a huge role in this election, with people logging on and voicing their opinions via Twitter and Facebook. In the past month alone, there have been 132,771 tweets mentioning President Barack Obama and 120,637 mentioning Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

With the end in sight, we’ve been following Facebook and Twitter today, gathering older voters’ election day thoughts. We’ve found -- not surprisingly -- that post 50s are getting out the vote and reminding everyone it’s not their first time at the rodeo.

Pre-election polls are favoring President Barack Obama, but who do you think should win? Have you voted? Share your Election Day thoughts with us in the comments.

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Post50's Sound Off On Election Day
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