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Election Night Coverage: LIVE UPDATES

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At long last, the 2012 election is upon us. (It took a while to get there!) The networks (and newspapers, and websites, and radio stations, and magazines) are ready to bring out their big political guns. We can expect a night of breakneck results, computer-generated weirdness, and a possible overload of Twitter. Here at HuffPost Media, we're going to bring you every twist and turn of what is sure to be a very interesting night.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to tonight's television coverage, and here for HuffPost's rolling political coverage.

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@ carolrhartsell : Fox News is advertising its election night coverage on MSNBC. The call is coming from inside the house!

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Cue all the violins and stirring music! Cue the 50,000 pundits! Here we go!

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No networks are switching things up much. Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer are leading CNN's coverage; Rachel Maddow is leading MSNBC's; and Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly are leading Fox News'.

Oh, and Romney's leading in Kentucky with 1% of the polls in, and the youth vote is holding steady, CNN says!

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MSNBC seems to have debuted a new table for its election night coverage!

Instead of Rachel Maddow sitting at the head point of a table the shape of the letter "V," the hosts are seated behind desk that allows Maddow and Chris Mathews to share the center area of the table.

During pervious special coverage nights, Matthews has been on location and not in MSNBC's New York City studios, as he is this evening.


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@ HuffPostMedia : Alex Castellanos: 'We're going to have a long night.' Anderson Cooper: 'that's going to be the most overused phrase of tonight.'

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@ HuffPostMedia : CNN: Through Sunday, Romney's internal tracking had Obama winning Ohio by 5 points.

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Bret Baier is giving viewers a tour of Fox News' studios.

What CNN calls its "Magic Wall," Fox News calls its "Launch Pad."

The screen includes a large map, electoral count, the balance of power in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and a clock counting down to poll closings. The studio also has another board called "The Billboard" because host Bill Hemmer uses it most.

Baier is taking viewers all over the building. In addition to showing off two studios, the control room, and Fox News radio station, he is now in the newsroom amongst many computers.

Fun fact: News Corp. buildings have television screens in the elevators.

fox news

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Yes, this is actually happening.

cnn virtual senate

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CNN is out with its first projections. It's calling Vermont for Obama (three electoral votes) and Kentucky for Romney (eight electoral votes). It says that Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Virginia are too close to call. The CNN exit poll has Virginia at 49-49.

Meanwhile, NBC News is reporting the same results for Vermont and Kentucky, but calling Indiana for Romney. Worth noting that CNN was more cautious during the primaries, too.

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@ HuffPostMedia : MSNBC: Romney really needs to win Virginia. FNC: Romney really needs to win Ohio. Everyone: Romney needs to win things.

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The first projections mean that the networks are starting to put their interactive doodads into use. Over at NBC News, Rockefeller Plaza has been turned into "Democracy Plaza" replete with ice skating rink turned into electoral map. Kentucky and Indiana are now filled in red for Romney.

Via NBC News:

And the top of the Empire State building, of course, is being lit up according to CNN's projections. Here's what it looks like right now:

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CNN just called Indiana for Romney too. That's 19 electoral votes for Romney and three for Obama so far, according to the network's projections.

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Fox News says it's too close to call Ohio and North Carolina, calls West Virginia for Romney.

CNN calls West Virginia for Romney; exit poll shows North Carolina tied and Ohio too close to call with Obama 51-Romney 48 in first votes counted.

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Fox News and CNN are calling South Carolina for Romney, giving him nine more electoral votes.

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Maybe Wolf Blitzer did the same.

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CNN turns to the Senate races for a moment. Glorida Borger discusses in front of CNN's virtual Senate, which shows Republicans with 37 seats and Democrats with 31.

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@ democracynow : LIVE: @jeremyscahill I have never seen an election with less corporate media coverage of the 3rd parties before.

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CNN calls Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Massachusetts and Maine for Obama; Oklahoma for Romney. Other states, including New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Florida, are too close to call. The tally, according to the network, is now 64 Obama-40 Romney.

All the other networks are also saying it's too early to call Pennsylvania and Florida.

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Bill O'Reilly says, "That image of Hurricane Sandy overrode the Libya story." He said that Obama got more "positive currency" out of the response to Sandy than "negative currency" from the Benghazi attack — an issue that O'Reilly alleges the president "dodged."

O'Reilly's verdict: "If he wins tonight, Hurricane Sandy is one of the reasons."

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CNN has Obama with 64 votes and Romney with 56. Meanwhile both NBC News and Fox News have Romney up. NBC News has Romney with 82 and Obama with 64, and Fox News has Romney with 82 and Obama with 78.

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CNN projects Arkansas (six electoral votes) and Tennessee (11 electoral votes) for Mitt Romney.

Florida still too close to call with over half of the votes counted. Obama is about 150,000 ahead right now. Romney holds a slight advantage in Ohio and North Carolina, but they're too early to call.

In all, CNN says with 5% of national popular vote in, Romney 52, Obama 47. Meanwhile, the tally at

ABC News is Obama 51, Romney 48.

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Over on MSNBC, Tamron Hall reports that 15% of voters said that the response to Hurricane Sandy was the "most important" factor in their choice. 27% of voters said it was "important."

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"You've got to sprint to the finish line, not coast in like the Governor did," O'Reilly said. "You've gotta be bold and fresh!"

Read the rest here.

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CNN calling Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas and Mississippi for Romney. Michigan, New Jersey and New York for Obama. Romney up with 152 and Obama with 123 according to the network's tally.

Worth noting: no holograms or weebles so far. The Magic Wall has made numerous appearances though.

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Check out Bob Beckel's patriotic suspenders!

bob beckel

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