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Election Night Drinking Game: Rules For Fox News, MSNBC, CNN

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The returns have started, so it's time to tune into your cable news network of choice -- CNN, MSNBC or Fox News -- crack open your favorite beverage and drink anytime you see one of these. Have fun and go Team America!

DRINK If..Wolf Blitzer talks to a hologramRachel Maddow geeks out over a minute electoral detailSarah Palin calls Obama an extremist
DRINK If..James Carville uses a charming Cajun euphemismLawrence O'Donnell looks creepily into the cameraMegyn Kelly sounds annoyed
DRINK If..An absurdly dramatic graphics package rollsSomeone mentions how Republicans will have to go back to the drawing board if they loseShep Smith looks like he wants to cut another anchor's head off
DRINK If.."Too close to call""Too close to call""Too close to call"
DRINK If..Text covers 2/3 of the screenRick Santorum's "from behind" tweet is mentionedMisspelled word appears on screen
DRINK If..Anyone reads tweets"Not surprising"Martha Raddatz is mentioned with disdain
DRINK If..John King's magic boardChris Matthews appears ecstatic"Liberal bastion"
DRINK If..Anyone says "As goes Ohio, so goes the country"Chris Matthews appears dyspepticSomeone gets confused by math
DRINK If.."It all comes down to Pennsylvania"Tom Brokaw shows upSomeone brings up Elizabeth Warren's Native American thing
DRINK If..Someone speculates about VirginiaSomeone speculates about VirginiaSomeone speculates about Virginia

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