11/06/2012 04:20 pm ET | Updated Nov 07, 2012

Michael Steele Fires Back At Howard Dean

Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to discuss voter fraud and voter suppression on election day. As tens of millions of voters go to the polls, reports have filtered out about voting machines malfunctioning, voters in Pennsylvania wrongly being made to present identification, and endless lines at the polls.

Earlier in the day, former DNC Chair Howard Dean told Chuck Todd on MSNBC that voting irregularities and suppression could cost Obama the key swing state of Ohio. "Given the vote and the leading in the polls in Ohio," Dean said on Morning Joe, "the only way he can lose is if people are prevented from casting their ballots. Either by voting machines that aren’t functioning right or other forms of harassment."

Steele called Dean's statement "a bit of a stretch." He said that while there are problems with the voting system, and additional hiccups this year caused by Hurricane Sandy, "I think all of this will get sorted out." He went on: "I'm just not quick to jump, unless theres some real evidence you can produce to say that 'I was prevented from voting', to go as far as my friend Howard Dean went that there's some deliberate cabal to sabotage people's voting."



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