11/06/2012 08:02 pm ET

New York Election Results 2012: Presidential, Senate And House Winners (REAL-TIME MAP)

This is where you'll find the New York election results for the 2012 presidential election and the state's Senate and House contests.

New York is typically considered a blue state and almost a shoe-in for Democrats, and according to the polls it seems 2012 will be no exception. New Yorkers favored President Barack Obama over GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney by over 23 percent in the most recent polls heading into Election Day.

In 2008, Obama took the state with close to two-thirds of the vote.

New York has one Senate seat up for grabs as well, though again, Democratic incumbent Kristen Gillibrand appeared likely to easily maintain her seat. Gillibrand assumed the seat formerly held by Hillary Clinton, when she opted to become secretary of state in 2009.

Election Day 2012
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