As we go to the polls to vote and then huddle together (with booze probably) awaiting the results, it's important to remember all the truly magical moments we shared during this election season. From Rick Perry's "oops" to Clint Eastwood's chair to "Eye of the Sparrow", there's really only one word to sum up this election: f*cked sublime.

Take a look at some of our favorite memes and moments from Campaign 2012 and chime in with yours.

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  • Clint Eastwood's Chair

    This speech was a <a href="">gift to</a> <a href="">comedy fans</a> <a href="">worldwide</a>.

  • Fired Big Bird

    The attacks on <a href="">Big Bird</a> <a href="">were tough</a>, but mostly, Jon Stewart wanted everyone <a href="">to forget about it</a>.

  • Election Fatigue

    This has felt like the longest election season ever, but no one expressed our collective over-it-ness the way <a href="">this little girl</a> did.

  • Colbert Super PAC

    Stephen Colbert may have single-handedly explained the <a href="">ramifications</a> of the Citizen's United ruling to the entire country while also <a href="">running for President Of The United States Of South Carolina</a>.

  • Bad Lip Readings

    There <a href="">were</a> <a href="">many</a>, but Eye Of The Sparrow was the most extraordinarily beautiful.

  • Binders Full Of Women

    Everyone <a href="">jumped on</a> <a href="">this quote</a> <a href=""> instantly</a>.

  • Horses And Bayonets

    <a href="">Obama</a> <a href="">burn</a>!

  • Herman Cain Pizza Video

    It almost feels impossible to joke about this. <a href="">Almost</a>.

  • Rick Perry Parodies (NSFW)

    Almost <a href="">all the parodies</a> are NSFW.

  • Michelle Bachman Newsweek Cover

    <a href="">Conan mocked it</a>, Jon <a href="">Stewart defended her</a>, and Funny Or Die gave us a look <a href="">behind the scenes</a>.

  • The Wimp Factor

    Newsweek was a repeat offender and we offered some <a href="">worse names</a> they could have used.

  • Rick Perry 'Oops'

    Here's what <a href="">actually happened</a>. The parody does it justice.

  • Newt Gingrich Moon Colony

    Maybe Gingrich will eventually get to be <a href="">moon president</a>.

  • Rick Santorum Sweater Vest

    We've missed this <a href="">Style Do</a>.

  • Malarkey

    Biden's old school insult was an instant <a href="">trending topic</a>.

  • Marcus Bachmann

    Matching up Tobias Fünke and Marcus Bachmann seemed like a <a href="">no-brainer</a>.

  • Herman Cain's Unfaithfulness

    Scheduled appointments with your wife are important parts of any relationship.

  • Mitt Romney Style

    "Affluence, extravagance, that's Mitt." While Gangnam Style is more of a universal meme than a political one, this beautiful College Humor parody was one of our favorite things.

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