14 Ways Marijuana Legalization Could Boost The Economy

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Two states became the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use Tuesday, but it's not just users that may get a high as a result.

Colorado and Washington state voted Tuesday night to legalize marijuana, sparking celebrations distinct but not mutually exclusive from those rooting for Barack Obama. But it's not just stoners and Democrats who should be exhaling a deep cough of relief -- economists too may find the news worthy of some bubbles or bubblers.

The states could see a major economic boon because of the legalization. The new measure is expected to bring the two states more than $550 million combined, with more than 300 economists previously estimating that legalizing pot could save the U.S. up to $14 billion a year. That's not even taking into account the extra Funyun consumption.

Here are 14 reasons why marijuana is good for the economy:

14 Reasons Why Marijuana Is Good For The Economy
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