11/07/2012 01:17 pm ET

Whoopi Goldberg To Barbara Walters: 'Are You Having Sex In The Movie Theater?!' (VIDEO)

A tired Barbara Walters cracked her co-hosts up talking about sex for the second day in a row on Wednesday.

Walters contributed to ABC News' late night election coverage on Tuesday. The next morning, the ladies of "The View" reviewed some of the newly-passed local propositions around the country. Whoopi said that a new measure in California will require porn actors to wear condoms in movies. She joked that the law "might be of interest to" Barbara.

"Wait a minute," Barbara said. "You mean if you're gonna do it in a movie, make sure you —"

"Film," Whoopi interjected. "Oh!" Barbara cried.

"No, no, not in the movie theater, Barbara," Whoopi said, looking shocked. "Are you having sex in the movie theater?!"

"Whoopi, I was up very late," Barbara said in defense. "I don't know what I'm talking about today."


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