11/09/2012 11:32 pm ET

Celebrities Dancing: 10 Hilarious Clips Of Celebrities Dancing Awkwardly (WATCH)

You might not feeling comfortable busting out your craziest dance moves unless you're alone in your bedroom with the door locked. But the mantra "dance like nobody's watching" isn't quite as easy when you're a superstar with millions of fans hanging on to your every move. Some of our favorite celebs are surprisingly talented -- who knew Zac Efron had moves like Jagger? -- but others (Zayn Malik, we're sorry) should stick to their day jobs. Click through the slideshow below for clips of 14 celebs awkwardly strutting their stuff, from Miley Cyrus mimicking Lady Gaga's choreography to Cory Monteith doing the "tiny dance."

Which celeb has the smoothest moves? What's your go-to "awkward dance"? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

Teen Celebs Dancing
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