11/09/2012 09:30 pm ET

David Petraeus Affair And 12 Other Politicians' Infidelities

Gen. David Petraeus' resignation and admission of an extramarital affair Friday shocked political insiders and the Twitterverse alike. Even President Obama reportedly "agonized" over Petraeus' letter of resignation for 24 hours before accepting it.

But should we really be surprised? After all, Washington has a long history of extramarital affairs, from President John F. Kennedy's rumored trysts with numerous women (including one famous celebrity) to President Bill Clinton's famed admission of infidelity and dozens of others in between. (For the record, Petraeus' reported mistress is Paula Broadwell, a Harvard researcher who co-wrote his biography.)

Here, 12 politicians who, like Petraeus, confessed to having engaged in extramarital affairs. Click through the slideshow below, than add any that we missed in the comments section.

American Politicians Who Admitted To Extra-Marital Affairs

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