'Gossip Girl': Kristen Bell To Appear In Series Finale (REPORT)

11/09/2012 05:27 pm ET

Kristen Bell, the voice of Gossip Girl for the past six years, will reportedly appear in the "Gossip Girl" series finale. According to TVLine, the "Veronica Mars" star will likely appear in the series final set to air on Monday, December 17.

Warner Bros. had no comment about Bell's alleged appearance.

The actress has provided the voice of the titular blogger since the show premiered in 2007. She's been outspoken about her desire to appear on the show.

"I certainly would if they asked me," Bell said about appearing on "Gossip Girl." "It really depends on how the characters unfold and if they want to villainize someone or give someone the champion stick of being Gossip Girl in the end other than me. Die hard fans know it’s me, but I think normal people who watch the show care a lot more about the characters they see every week. There’s a lot of variables."

Will she appear as Gossip Girl? That's one secret we'd never tell (even if we knew).


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