11/09/2012 10:23 am ET

Nate Silver Victory Lap Continues (VIDEO)

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New York Times blogger Nate Silver was the topic of a "Today" show segment on Friday, continuing his victory lap after accurately predicting the outcome of Tuesday night's presidential election.

"He's becoming a bit of a celebrity," the "Today" show's Andrea Canning told viewers. "President Obama may have been the big winner this week, but coming in a close second: New York Times blogger, statistician and self-described geek, Nate Silver."

Silver, who started his career analyzing baseball players performances, developed his own formula for predicting presidential outcomes. Canning took viewers behind Silver's process.

"People tend to see all this data, all these polls, and see the fluctuation in the polls and get very distracted by...what I call noise, as oppose to signal," he said.


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