11/09/2012 11:16 am ET

Wolf Blitzer In 'Skyfall': CNN Host Makes Cameo Appearance In James Bond Movie

Don't rub your eyes when you see Wolf Blitzer in "Skyfall," the new James Bond movie that opens on Friday.

The CNN host made a cameo appearance as himself in the film. TV Newser reports: "Britain’s intelligence service, MI6, is under intense scrutiny. The agency’s leader, a woman known only as “M,” is facing a public grilling from bureaucrats, and on CNN, Wolf Blitzer updates viewers on the latest intrigue surrounding the normally secretive agency."

Blitzer mentioned the part during his show on Thursday, saying, “This acting thing, I might have something."

His colleague Piers Morgan also appeared in the new Denzel Washington movie "Flight." Morgan tweeted, “So, I'm in the new Denzel movie #Flight and @wolfblitzer 's in the new Bond movie #Skyfall - both out this week. This is... #CNNthespianwar."


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