11/11/2012 11:41 am ET

Where Are All The Latino Talking Heads?

It’s official: Latinos are now the nation’s most coveted “new” voting bloc, and they’ll have a record 31 members in Congress come January. But amid all the talk of Hispanics’ new political clout, they’re still barely visible as anchors or hosts on the national broadcast and cable news networks, even liberal channels such as MSNBC. And without those voices, several sources say, their power is weakened despite what happened on Tuesday.

There’s been a lot of talk on all the English-language television networks since the election about the increasing power of the Latino vote—but virtually all of the TV pundits pontificating about this subject this past week have been non-Hispanic. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday morning, for example, four white males over 50 sat around and talked about the election, including the Latino vote.

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